Camp Rules

Cady Hollow Campground Rules

Safety and Respect


We reserve the right to ask you to leave without a refund if you or your party does not follow these rules and other campground notices.


We would like to remind campers to carry their own insurances. Cady Hollow Campground is not responsible for damages or losses.


Camp check-in is 2pm and check-out is 12pm.


Rental rates are based on a family of four (2 adults, 2 children) or less per site.


Renters must be 18 or older to rent a site.


Paying campers are responsible to pay for any visitors that visit their site during their stay. There is a sign-up sheet for seasonal campers and you may pay once per month with your electric bill (see office). We do not open the gate for unpaid visitors. Let us know in advance if you know visitors are coming.


All campers must register at office before entering campground and will be issued a key card after registration. All visitors must register at office before entering.

o   Daytime visitors:

o   Adults 18+ $5

o   Child 3+ $3

o   Overnight visitors:

o   Adults 18+ $10

o   Children 3+ $5


Only one camper or tent per site


Two cars allowed per site; please park only on your site. Extra parking is available – inquire at office.


No tree cutting, harvesting, or mutilation of any kind. Firewood is available at office.


Quiet hours are from 11pm until 8am Sunday-Thursday, and Midnight to 8am Friday-Saturday. Please respect other campers.


Camp speed limit is 5mph


Do not wash cars, trucks, or campers with Cady Hollow water.


Smokers, please use ash trays for your butts and do not flick them on the ground. Ash trays will be provided at the pavilion or camp office if needed.


Your site will be clean when you arrive, please leave it that way!


No firearms, BB guns, or fireworks allowed.


Fishing in the pond is permitted for 12 years old and younger. It is catch and release only. Please make sure hooks are picked up so children don’t get hurt.


One picnic table per site, one fire ring per site – please leave them on site upon checkout.


One golf cart per site. A driver’s license is required to operate a golf cart.


No ATV’s, dirt bikes, go-carts, etc. may be driven in the campground (Parking available outside gate). Only golf carts or bicycles may be driven off-road. No motorized vehicles besides golf carts are allowed on the trails.


Bicycles must be parked at sunset. No bikes after dark, even if they have a headlight.


Please do not leave food or garbage out overnight. We do not want to invite unwanted guests!


No refunds due to inclement weather or change of plans.



o   Children must be supervised. Do not leave children here if you leave the campground. We reserve the right to restrict children to their campsites if their behavior becomes destructive or unacceptable.

o   Bike riding is permitted only during daylight hours, no nighttime riding.

o   Please no rock throwing of any kind, especially at the pool.



Swimming Pool

WARNING: There is no lifeguard. Please explain all rules to your children. Never swim alone.

o   Children must be supervised by an adult at all times.

o   No running, diving, or pushing in the pool.

o   No climbing, pushing, or leaning on the pull fence.

o   No bikes, skateboards, or similar items allowed in the pool or pavilion area.

o   NO GLASS containers at the pool or playground areas.

o   No white rocks thrown in or outside pool area.

o   Please follow all posted signs. Everyone must sign a liability waiver before their children may swim (sign at camp store).



o   Pets – dogs and cats only - are welcome and must be registered in the office. Limit 2 dogs per site.

o   Pets are not permitted in cabins.

o   Pets must be tied or leashed at all times – NO EXCEPTIONS.

o   You must clean up after your pet. Doggie bags are available in the store. All bag droppings need to be placed in the trash, not firepits! This applies to all campground areas including your lot. No throwing feces in the fields or woods. Not being responsible for your pet in any way may result in eviction from the campground.

o   Barking, biting dogs will not be tolerated.

o   Please do not leave your pets unattended at your site at any time.

o   Pets are not allowed in the bath house, pool area, playgrounds, or buildings at any time.

o   You are responsible for the actions of your pet and any damage caused by your pet to property, individuals, or the property of fellow campers.

o   Please do not allow pets to pee on tree saplings, flowers, or flowers on other sites.

o   We are animal lovers, but these rules are necessary to keep areas safe and sanitary for all campers. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.